Eye Care in Your 40s and 50s

November 2, 2018 By 0 Comments

At this age, our vision often starts to change once again, as now the eye muscles begin to lose flexibility and elasticity, and even if you have never had to wear corrective lenses, you may start to recognize the need for them at this stage in life. Typically, reading things up close can become more difficult for most people, as well as the need for more light to be able to read clearly – this is a common and normal part of the aging process.

This eye condition is called “Presbyopia“, and there are many options available to you to combat its effects. The simplest options are either reading glasses or, if you already wear corrective lenses, a bifocal or progressive lens. These lenses feature normal corrective powers for most of your daily activities but include in the lower part of the lens a more magnified power which allows for easier close up reading. These are not your grandfather’s bifocals, as modern technology allows for the progressive lenses to be nearly invisible and thus not noticeable at all.

At Stack Optical, we offer all of the above solutions and more to our patients in this age category who may be suffering from one or more of these common eyesight ailments. The first step is to come in and have a comprehensive eye exam, something that should be done at least every 1-2 years anyway. With this exam we can detect early signs of eye health problems and thus give you the best possible treatment options.

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