Rudy Project has been a major presence in the world of competitive sports since Rudy Barbazza founded the company in Treviso, Italy in 1985. What may have just started out as a bet between two friends turned into the creation of one of the leading suppliers of cutting-edge sports performance gear, providing exceptional products to thousands of professional athletes in a variety of sports all around the globe. That very first year saw Rudy Project’s first time in the winner’s circle, at the Tour de France. In 2006, at the Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy, more gold medal winning athletes were wearing Rudy Project than any other brand.

Rudy Project engineers (Rudy Project frames are designed by biometric engineers) listen to those athletes as they provide important feedback on the equipment they use and depend on every day. This sharing of information leads to improvements in such areas as aerodynamics, technological advancements, and new designs.

An example of a user-friendly feature is a frame style that is fabricated with nose pads that can be adjusted by the wearer, so that you can raise or lower the lenses as needed while enjoying your recreational or competitive activities.  In fact, this style is Allen’s frame of choice for his custom-made shooting glasses. This style also allows for a complete kit of different lens colors and lens designs to be made, so that you can customize your glasses for various pursuits and conditions, from biking and golfing in the sun to shooting at an indoor range or out in the field.

Rudy Project has also won the “Gear of the Year” award from Outside magazine – twice. They are committed to creating an excellently designed and comfortable product, which is evident by their continued research and a desire to raise your level of performance.