Tired of Cheap Reading Eyeglasses Not Working?

November 2, 2018 By 0 Comments

Like everything else, it always seems like a good idea at first:  buy something you need, but a cheap version of it at the local grocery or drug store.  But just like cheap sunglasses, it is also true that low-quality reading eyeglasses (or “cheaters” or “readers” as they are often called), often are no bargain at all. Breaking and wearing out faster, poor fit, but most important of all: poor vision.

Cheaper plastic lenses and poorly made frames can add up to a poor fit and poor product for your eyes while reading a story from a book or iPad or checking emails on a laptop or smartphone. Your eyes may have to strain harder to see through poor-quality plastic lens which have not been made to your personal measurements, and over time this can put undue stress on your eyes. And this is doubly important if, like most of us, you have a lot of “screen time” in your life.

At Stack Optical, we carry a full range of reading eyeglasses of high quality, and we can also make you a customized pair for even more comfort and clarity. Come in and just try on what we have available and see for yourself what a difference a high- quality pair of reading eyeglasses can make!