Briot Emotion Edging Machine at Stack Optical

November 2, 2018 By 0 Comments

Introducing our custom shaped lenses with the Briot Emotion Edging Machine.

Technology continues to affect our everyday lives in ways we had never even thought of, and nowhere is this truer than the optical industry.  Advancements are allowing us at Stack Optical Service to combine our over 50 years of hands-on experience, with the latest technological breakthroughs in order to give you the perfect pair of eyeglasses. Best of all, we can now make a lens in any shape – to accommodate a special need, or even just for fashion.

Nothing can ever replace an independent optical professional giving you one-on-one care. But the new edging machine we have recently installed in our eyeglasses lab right here in Denver, Colorado certainly improves our final results for you, the customer. Precision cutting and edging allow us to give you the best fit and vision possible from your eyeglasses.  Custom shaping allows us to make a lens that is just for you. The Briot Emotion is a world-class edging machine designed to deliver a precise lens, every time.

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