Disposable Contact Lenses

November 2, 2018 By 0 Comments

If you normally wear eyeglasses due to the discomfort or hassle of traditional soft contact lenses, you might want to come talk to us to see the latest options in disposable contact lenses.

Recent technological advances mean that contact lenses are thinner and lighter (and thus more comfortable) than ever before. These contacts are typically used only once per day or up to one week then simply thrown away and a new pair is used. These are ideal because in the event one is lost, it isn’t really an issue.

These disposable contacts are much less expensive than you would imagine and are very affordable. If you normally prefer glasses or could not get used to the feel of a soft contact lens, we recommend you call us at 303-321-1578 or come in and we can explain to you some of the options and their pricing.